Episcopal Diocese of Texas Pledges $13M To Those Affected by Racism


The Episcopal Diocese of Texas is launching a $13 million initiative aimed at healing individuals and communities impacted by its history of racism.

The funding benefit a number of historically black colleges, seminaries and organizations in Texas. Some of it will underwrite work by the Equal Justice Initiative, a nonprofit that established a lynching memorial in Alabama.

The initiative is the latest effort by a religious institutions aimed at racial reconciliation: In 2017, the Reformed Theological Seminary unveiled a new scholarship program for African Americans. Last year, Princeton Theological Seminary pledged roughly $28 million in reparations for the school’s roots in slavery — specifically, to change its curriculum and hire more researchers into the legacy of slavery.

Funding will go toward several scholarships at the Seminary of the Southwest; the Thomas Cain Fund for Historic Black Churches; the Henrietta Wells Scholarship Fund for Historically Black Colleges and Universities; the John and Joseph Talbot Fund for Racial Justice; and the Episcopal Health Foundation Congregational Engagement.

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