Platform Developed To Help Businesses Combat Modern Slavery


The Modern Slavery Initiative  is the world’s first online platform developed by Sunil Rao of Australia’s La Trobe Law School, will assist businesses to meet their obligations under international law to tackle modern slavery.

Mr Rao said an estimated 16 million people worldwide are being exploited in the private economy. Industries that are particularly troubled include construction, manufacturing, agriculture, fishing and domestic work.

The Modern Slavery Act 2018 requires Australian businesses with a consolidated revenue of more than $100 million to annually submit a statement to the Australian Government describing their policy, due diligence and remedial actions to address modern slavery.

The Modern Slavery Initiative encourages a globally aligned approach to combating modern slavery. We provide a digital solution to modern slavery issues in business and also strong advocacy for policy development

The Initiative also raises awareness and advocates for other countries to adopt modern slavery reporting legislation.

Similar anti-slavery laws have been passed in the United Kingdom and California, with seven other countries currently considering legislation.

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