U.S. Marine Corps Issues Ban On Confederate Flag

hypatia-h_9b4ccc1ba59c91833e54015c2e7644c0-h_8feb70671b1d707dce61f82cb700b193-1The U.S. Marine Corps on Friday issued detailed directives about removing and banning public displays of the Confederate battle flag at Marine installations — an order that extended to such items as mugs, posters and bumper stickers.

The rule for the first time articulated in detail what sorts of displays would be prohibited in office buildings, naval vessels, hangars, ready rooms, conference rooms, individual offices, cubicles, tool and equipment rooms, workshops and other areas.

Among other items, the ban includes posters and flags depicting the Confederate battle flag. The order allows for inspections to take place and directs that any nonconforming displays be removed.

The directive said that displays in which the Confederate battle flag was depicted, but not the main focus of the display, were exempted from the ban. This could apply to a presentation of the flag in a work of art or an educational or historical display depicting a Civil War battle, for instance.

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