Unilever To Rebrand Its ‘Fair and Lovely’ Skin-lightening Cream Products


Unilever plans to rename its “Fair & Lovely” skincare brand in India as controversy grows over the use of skin-lightening products.

Hindustan Unilever, the Indian subsidiary of the global consumer goods giant has announced that it would “stop using the word ‘Fair’ in the brand name” of its array of skin creams.
As well as the name change, Unilever has committed to changing the advertising and packaging around the Fair & Lovely brand to be more representative of women of different skin tones. Rather than promote the products as skin lightening, the brand will be focusing on the benefits of “glowing and radiant skin.”
In its statement, Unilever stress that Fair & Lovely has never been a skin bleaching product but recognizes that in the past advertising from the brand has contributed to negative stereotypes related to darker skin tones.
Unilever says its pledge to stop using the words ‘white/whitening’, ‘light/lightening’ or ‘fair/fairness’ will be a policy extended to all of its beauty and personal care brands. Beauty brands currently owned by Unilever include Dove, Simple, and Vaseline.

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