Tulsa Park Added To African American Civil Rights Network


John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park in Tulsa has been designated as an official member of the African American Civil Rights Network, which is coordinated by the National Park Service.

The African American Civil Rights Network was signed into law by President Trump in January 2018 and authorizes the National Park Service to commemorate the history of the Civil Rights movement at sites throughout the nation.

John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park in Tulsa sits in the Greenwood District at the site of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. Opening in 2010, the park features sculptures commemorating the Massacre, information about Black Wall Street and history of early African Americans in Oklahoma.

The African American Civil Rights Network is administered by the National Park Service and aims to feature the people, places and events associated with the civil rights movement in the United States. It includes programs, buildings, and landscapes, such as the Freedom Riders National Monument in Alabama, The Lorraine Motel in Tennessee, and the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Two other places in Oklahoma are part of the National Park Service ⁠— the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Washita Battlefield in Cheyenne, Okla.

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